Komatsu Technical Vocabulary           دیکشنری تخصصی ماشین آلات


دیکشنری تخصصی ماشین آلات راهسازی و معدنی را از طریق لینک فوق می توانید دانلود کنید.

back buzzer x                      –+ backup alarm


in  a  gasoline  engine,   the  backward explosion or  burning of  a  f lame  into the carburetor  when  starting up the engine  in cold weather, etc.


                             an   excavator  f itted   with  a  bucket which is drawn toward  the machme when  digging, scoopmg a nd  loading

ba ck horn  x                         –+ backup alarm

back lamp x                               backup   lamp 

 (white  lamp  used when  reversing.)

rear   lamp

    ( red   lamp  used   at night.)

–+rear  lamp

back mirror  x

                    –+ rearview mirror back pressure

back rest

                           (۱) the back of the operator’s seat.

(۲)  a  load   support  frame   of  forklift truck.

backup alarm 

                        a buzzer which indicates the machine is going to rearward.

backup lamp

                      a whi te lamp  which  i ndicates  the ma­

chine  i s traveling in reverse.

backup ring                         a ring  backing up  or supporting a U­

pack ing.

backbone type                      a  type   of  power   line  serving   as the frame in an integrated unit.

backlash                              the slight  clea rance  between teeth  of gears  in mesh  with each  other.   see “play”.


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